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What's New in the Michigan App

Version 5.5.4

  • DoubleMap Magic Bus (M-Bus Classic) link
    • Select and view multiple routes at once
    • Watch tiny little bus icons move around on your screen!
  • Updated Class Schedule
    • See multiple meetings, academic sessions, and section numbers for a selected class
    • See room names/numbers on your class schedule screen
  • Improved handling of atypical start/end dates and meeting exceptions in Class Schedule
  • Fixed incorrect course code issue in Class Schedule
  • Improved toggling between List and Map views
  • Stability and performance improvements

Version 5.5.3

This release includes performance fixes and a minor feature update for the new Michigan App interface.

  • Add Upcoming Academic Events to your calendar by pressing the "more" icon
  • Fixed multiple app loading/crashing bugs
  • Updated parking and crime map views to be visible when location is disabled

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