Mobile Developer Community Meeting - January 23, 2015

Hosted by the U-M College of Engineering 

Friday, January 23 
12:15 -1:15pm 
1008 FXB (Francois Xavier-Bagnoud) Building

Lunch will be provided 

  • Collabrifying YOUR Mobile and Web Apps (Virtually) Overnight
    Elliot Soloway 
    We have an SDK that YOU can use to take an app/web app and collabrify it... make it support two or more users working together simultaneously INSIDE your app! Piece of cake to do, too. Examples form educational apps on the stores will be provided, e.g., on Apple store: WeMap, WeKWL, WeWrite+, WeSketch+ , on Android store: WeMap,WeKWL
  • Wiz: Bringing the community within a college classroom together to allow for more effective education
    Alex Ottenwess, Patrick Wilson, Brett Campbell, Kelly O'Conner
  • Making MBus simpler
    Max Wilkinson
  • Loyalty from Wisely
    Arjuna Iyer